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A performance wearable for recovering type a's


Scope: 15 weeks

Brief: Design a physical product that addresses the emotional needs of people in chronic pain.

Outcome: A connected wearable and app pairing that proactively reduces toxic stress episodes by gamifying relaxation techniques.


Lässig is a two-part system comprised of a mobile application and a connected wearable. The app uses the technology inherent in the phone to track the user's activity levels and location; the wearable tracks moments of high stress and anxiety by recording when the user squeezes it.

Over time, Lässig uses machine learning to anticipate high-stress moments and locations in the user's daily life, forestalling stress episodes before they happen.


Though Lässig has been through many iterations, I am refining it one more time for the Wanted Design show at Industry City! Stay tuned for a portfolio update.