Message in a Tin Can

Message in a Tin Can

how can a can make you cry?

Can a team of two with no budget turn a tin can into an emotional statement about communication? Over the course of this three-week project, Julia Lindpaintner and I found out.


As the dedicated cinematographer on this project, I relished Message in a Tin Can for its challenges. Not only were we shooting everything in the semi-dark--already a rigorous challenge for camera and color treatment--we had to catch footage of a bus that arrived at irregular intervals, and we had only one evening and the limitation of our actors' patience. As director, Julia was an excellent partner, directing our child actor with grace and patience such that he went through twelve takes without a peep of complaint, and allowing us to make the bus stop scene in only two.

Our film won "Best Screenplay" at the 2016 Products of Design Oscars night awards.